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Bring Woody to your theater, library, union hall, soup kitchen, or living room! 


A great American show for Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Bastille Day (Woody's birthday), May Day, or 4th of July


​DURATION:  The show runs 80 minutes (60 minute version available)

PROJECTIONS: An astonishing projection design (by Caite Kemp) of Woody's drawings, Dustbowl photos and labor history video runs off a Keynote program on my laptop.  I can provide a projector and screen and I can run the cues myself, using a foot pedal, if necessary; or, I prefer to plug into your projector/screen system and your board op can run the simple cues.  



SOUND: I bring one condenser microphone (Sterling ST-55) with a stand and I can bring my own small amp, or plug into your sound system.  



LIGHTS: You provide one bright light on Woody.  



SCENERY: I bring two standing flags (OK and US) on 8' poles.



PROMOTION: I can email you programs, flyers and posters to print, tailored to our venue, date, time and ticket info.



FEE: Negotiable fee, depending on travel and lodging necessities, discount for multiple performances.




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